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Schurgers Design

For over 35 years we have specialized in the design and production of fiberglass reinforced products from one-offs to series of up to 500 units.

Our company focuses on high-quality fiberglass and composite products, prototypes and concepts. We serve clients in the automotive industry, interior designers, architects and engineers. All aspects of the production process in reinforced fiberglass, from preliminary design to prototype and production mould up to the finished product are carried out in-house. The manufacturing techniques we employ are, hand lay-up, spray up and resin transfer moulding (RTM).

Designing and manufacturing in fiberglass offers a number of features that contribute to excellent quality products. In this way it is increasingly being used in exterior and interior, and more and more product designers, architects and engineers acknowledge the benefits of this material.


Our history comes from motor sport. In the 60s and 70s Jos Schurgers earned his spurs in the World Championship road race. In 1971 he became third in the World Championship in the 50cc class and in 1973 he won the GP of Spa-Francorchamps and finished third in the World Championship 125cc with his Bridgestone racing engine, which he himself designed and built. In 1974, after his racing career, Jos Schurgers was involved by Van Veen in the OCR 1000 project where he made a total design for the motorcycle. With the knowledge he gained in racing, he started his own company in 1978.

Jarno Schurgers started his study Industrial Product Design at the Haagse Hogeschool in 1997. During this study he did several internships in Italy, including at Design Continuum Italia in Milan, FIAT Auto Advanced Design in Arese and his graduation project at the Centro Stile of APRILIA in Noale. In 2002 he graduated as an engineer and since 2003 he is part of the family business.

Schurgers Design
Schurgers Design



Our Services


Your idea to finished product!

Fiberglass is an excellent material to design free shapes with. This is way fibreglass is increasingly used in exterior and interior, and more and more product designers, architects and engineers see the benefits of this material.

For many years Schurgers Design has been designing fibreglass products for renowned companies such as, Yamaha, BMW, Honda and Lockheed Martin CFT.

Many of our fibreglass projects are born out of and informal discussions with our clients. In fact, the right time to involve a fibreglass design specialist is at the beginning of the product design process. A fibreglass specialist can point out things you may not have considered and suggest design elements that can make your product even better and high manufacturing costs and unnecessarily long lead times can be kept to a minimum.

We are happy to assist you with;

  Designing your fibreglass or composite product, both in 2D and in 3D

  Advising in the correct material setup and layout



Creating a prototype is crucial to the design process!

By creating a prototype, it is possible to sit down with a real version of the product and determine which aspects are worthwhile and which parts need to be revised or discarded.

By prototyping before production begins, it is possible to take a glimpse at the production process and see if any steps can be changed, combined or even removed. This not only streamlines production, but keeps the cost of the actual production to a minimum.

Just like it is far easier to see if there are any problems with a design by holding an actual working model, it is also far easier to sell to potential customers when they have a prototype to hold and manipulate at a marketing presentation.

What can we do for you;

  Assist or/and build prototypes by hand as well as by 3D design.



A perfect production mould is the basis for a beautifully finished product!

Schurgers Design is an expert in the field of building fibreglass production moulds.

We specialize in:     

One-offs and production series up to 500 units;     

Fibreglass or composite products through hand layup technique;     

Fibreglass or composite products through spray technique;     

Fibreglass or composite products through resin transfer moulding (RTM);

Fibreglass or composite products for the automotive industry, interior designers, architects and industry;     

One sided production moulds;     

Double sided complex production moulds for resin transfer moulding (RTM).

Questions about a new design, a prototype or a product you would like to have manufactured in fiberglass? Feel free to contact us via phone number +31(0)23-5283367 or send us an email at info@schurgersdesign.com.



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